Research requests range from starting a 4-generation chart to focused research to breaking down brick walls. I especially love research within the Southeastern United States and Ireland. This service includes a basic research report of findings and a research log.

Going beyond your family tree to look at what was happening in the world and community that may have influenced your ancestor, to add another dimension to the story of who you come from. This service includes a narrative writing using research and context.

Are you interested in traveling to where your ancestors lived? I can help identify places your ancestor may have lived, attended church and school, and places of community gathering.
Note: This service does not include travel planning.

Let’s Get Started

Pricing is charged on an hourly rate based on your specific project needs. After a free initial consultation, I will make a plan based on your goals, estimating the time and hourly rate for your approval.

During the research process, I can keep you informed of my efforts and progress. We will continue to evaluate the goals of the project as research progresses and adjust the goals as needed.

Your final product will tell you more about your ancestor and your connection to them. We can discuss what the product will be as the research progresses. Each story is unique and wants to be told in it’s own way. This can range from a basic report to a book/ebook to a shareable website.

Interested in a free consultation or have questions? You can reach me through my contact page.