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Creating a Map

Maps are a big part of my genealogy research. It's a great way to orient yourself to a location and there are lots of different types of maps. There are maps just for census and property records. For example, for 19th century Irish ancestors, this Griffiths Valuation site allows you to fade out the historical… Continue reading Creating a Map

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Application Denied

On a recent trip to the National Archives, I was able to look at the widow and minors' pension applications filed by my 2nd great-grandmother, her siblings, and their mother. Augusta Roth Eigenmann was only two years old when her father, Johann Adam Roth, died. This left Augusta's mother, Eleanora Wissig Roth, a widow with… Continue reading Application Denied

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A German in the Civil War

As a descendant of people who spent generations in South Carolina and Alabama, I grew up knowing that many of my ancestors fought for or sympathized with the South during the American Civil War. While I think I would have made different choices if I had lived then, I enjoy finding ancestors who fought for… Continue reading A German in the Civil War

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A Woman at Work

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Work. This week I wrote down the occupations of many of my ancestors. Some interesting patterns emerged, with occupations often being passed down for generations. There is a cluster of doctors over several generations in my Eve/Carmichael line; there are ancestors that have occupations involving ships from… Continue reading A Woman at Work

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Eleanor Eigenmann DuPre

Sunday is Mother's Day. I have been blessed with a devoted mother, wonderful grandmothers, and many other kind and strong women that have influenced my life. Family History, in part, is about finding our mothers' mothers and their mothers, and their mothers, and so on. I love being able to get to know some of… Continue reading Eleanor Eigenmann DuPre

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Biscuits, Molasses, and Bacon

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is "Misfortune." Friedreich Andrew Eigenmann was born 27 March 1846 in Flehingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany to Jacob and Joanna Eigenmann. He immigrated to New York City in 1881. By 1883, he was in St. Louis, Missouri and married to Augusta Roth, a daughter of German immigrants. Three of their 5… Continue reading Biscuits, Molasses, and Bacon

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The China Cabinet

The topic for 52 Ancestors this week is Heirloom. I've been lucky enough to have inherited a few things from my ancestors, either because no one else wanted them or they were gifts from my aunts or parents: a desk that my great-great-grandfather owned, jewelry and jewelry boxes from my both my grandmothers, handkerchiefs and painted… Continue reading The China Cabinet