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Where Have All the Bachelors Gone?

As I research the descendants of my ancestors, I sometimes come across uncles who never married. The reasons they didn't marry are sometimes clear and sometimes not, but one thing I have noticed, especially for those who lived in the 19th century, there is very little to be found about them. As I thought about… Continue reading Where Have All the Bachelors Gone?

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Without a Paddle or an Oar, Billy-boy?

The prompt for Week 30 of 52 Ancestors is Colorful. William Longstreet led quite a colorful life. He was an inventor, often mocked for his dreams, filing early patents for a steam engine and a cotton gin. He was always just a moment behind inventors that earned the credit in the end. He appears to… Continue reading Without a Paddle or an Oar, Billy-boy?

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The Cottage Cemetery

Week 17 of 52 Ancestors is┬áCemetery. Just south of Augusta, Georgia stood a house called The Cottage Place. It was the summer home of Oswell and Aphra Ann Eve and their children. His daughter, Sarah Eve Adams, would later purchase the property from her father's estate and raise her nieces and nephews there. Other Eve… Continue reading The Cottage Cemetery

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A Census Snippet: 1850 – Augusta, Georgia

John Bones Mary Bones James Brown John Brown Oswell B. Eve Hannah Longstreet This may seem like a mostly unrelated list of people, but I assure you, the connections are deep and sometimes require pen and paper to understand. This week's topic for #52ancestors is "In the Census." For this topic, I chose this snippet… Continue reading A Census Snippet: 1850 – Augusta, Georgia