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Abbeville High Class of 1938

Bettye DuPre, my grandma, was born and raised in Abbeville, South Carolina. She graduated from Abbeville High School in 1938. The above pictures are of her graduating class and an individual portrait taken for the occasion. I love seeing the small size of the class all gathered at the front door of the school. I… Continue reading Abbeville High Class of 1938

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Like a Chicken

Many of my ancestors were farmers. Some farmed crops for food and kept livestock, some grew cotton, others grew flax in order to make linen. One ancestor was the first horticulture professor at Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina (Clemson University today) and grew the food that the students ate, among other things. Another ancestor… Continue reading Like a Chicken

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Eleanor Eigenmann DuPre

Sunday is Mother's Day. I have been blessed with a devoted mother, wonderful grandmothers, and many other kind and strong women that have influenced my life. Family History, in part, is about finding our mothers' mothers and their mothers, and their mothers, and so on. I love being able to get to know some of… Continue reading Eleanor Eigenmann DuPre

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Biscuits, Molasses, and Bacon

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is "Misfortune." Friedreich Andrew Eigenmann was born 27 March 1846 in Flehingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany to Jacob and Joanna Eigenmann. He immigrated to New York City in 1881. By 1883, he was in St. Louis, Missouri and married to Augusta Roth, a daughter of German immigrants. Three of their 5… Continue reading Biscuits, Molasses, and Bacon

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(South) Carolina in My Mind

The topic for week 3 of 52 ancestors is longevity. It took me a couple days to think about what I wanted to write about: my longest living ancestor? The ancestor that lived the farthest back? The longest courtship we know about? I didn't feel like I could write very much about any of these, so… Continue reading (South) Carolina in My Mind