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The Second Wife

When Julia Anne DeVore King was 15 years old, she married her Aunt Ellen's widower, Dr. William Edward Prescott, who was 35 years older than her. Julia became stepmother to her three cousins, Julia Annie and Wallace Thomas, who were older than her, and Eustace, who was 6 years old at the time. Julia and… Continue reading The Second Wife

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After Heart

Building on last week's post, The Edgefield Advertiser records many moments in the life of my Medlock-Carmichael ancestors. My search has, so far, been limited to Martha Carmichael and Henry Townes Medlock and mostly just for the span of Martha's life, 1889-1915. According to the articles over the years, Martha, known to many as Heart, was well-loved… Continue reading After Heart

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Newspapers can be fascinating sources when looking for information about ancestors. Some of my ancestors lived in Edgefield, South Carolina and at the beginning of the 20th century the local newspaper, The Edgefield Advertiser, reported on the social activity of the town's citizens, as well as local news and politics. I've been able to take a… Continue reading 1912

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Heart Failure Following Childbirth

Martha Lake Carmichael, my great-grandmother, had the nickname Heart. It's not exactly known how this name came to her, but as I've researched her life and death, I've found it very fitting. During her short life, Heart had a very active social and community life and appears to have been loved by all who knew… Continue reading Heart Failure Following Childbirth

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A Dinner Guest

The topic for week 4 of #52ancestors is an ancestor I would invite to dinner. There are lots of ancestors I would like to invite to dinner. I have spent time searching for information about them and in some cases have visited places they lived, piecing together glimpses of their lives. I think of questions… Continue reading A Dinner Guest

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(South) Carolina in My Mind

The topic for week 3 of 52 ancestors is longevity. It took me a couple days to think about what I wanted to write about: my longest living ancestor? The ancestor that lived the farthest back? The longest courtship we know about? I didn't feel like I could write very much about any of these, so… Continue reading (South) Carolina in My Mind