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She Was Born on My Birthday

My grandpa, Henry Hammond Medlock, died before I could really know him in life, but he has always seemed to be part of our lives. Growing up, we always had framed pictures around with him in them, something I have continued in my own home. In recent years, as my family has inherited family photos,… Continue reading She Was Born on My Birthday

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Back to School

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Back to School. I have just sent my oldest to kindergarten. He's doing great, so far, but it has been an emotional week. This week I have a few things to share from our family collection related to school and learning. A Notebook My 4th great-grandfather, Silas Lanier,… Continue reading Back to School

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She Died Three Weeks Before

This week's prompt for 52 Ancestors is Family Legend. One of the most interesting family legends in my paternal family is that of the supposed engagement of Sarah Eve, the sister of my 5th great-grandfather, to Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a celebrated physician. I told their story in an… Continue reading She Died Three Weeks Before

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A Grandparent’s Record?

The topic for week 31 of 52 Ancestors is Oldest. In my grandmother's house there was a nook with a built-in bookcase. On the shelves were old books, old pictures and other knick-knacks. A few years before she passed away, she moved to assisted living. The things she didn't take with her there where distributed among… Continue reading A Grandparent’s Record?

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Without a Paddle or an Oar, Billy-boy?

The prompt for Week 30 of 52 Ancestors is Colorful. William Longstreet led quite a colorful life. He was an inventor, often mocked for his dreams, filing early patents for a steam engine and a cotton gin. He was always just a moment behind inventors that earned the credit in the end. He appears to… Continue reading Without a Paddle or an Oar, Billy-boy?

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With the Speed of Electricity

The prompt for week 28 of 52 ancestors is Travel. I often think about how difficult travel must have been for some of my earliest known ancestors as they crossed continents, oceans and mountains. Each one was travelling for a different reason and each one traveled these long, difficult journeys because it was the only… Continue reading With the Speed of Electricity

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A Person of Another Persuasion

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Going to the Chapel. My 6th great-grandparents, Oswell Eve and Anne Moore, were married 274 years ago this week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Christ Church. Oswell, it's believed, was born in Surrey, England, 1 February 1721 to Oswell and Sarah Eve. He and his twin sister, Sarah, were the… Continue reading A Person of Another Persuasion