Just a Small Girl

When Johanna was small, she experiences two life changing events within four months. At the age of six, her mother died and her father emigrated to the United States, leaving her in Baden (now Germany). Previously overlooked in the family notes and found in newly indexed German church records, Johanna Barbara Friederika Eigenmann was the … Continue reading Just a Small Girl


My maternal grandparents married each other twice. Rayford Haney Wilson, or Ray, was born to Lafayette Russell Wilson and Ida Lou Verna Wakefield on 15 October 1915 in Nauvoo, Walker County, Alabama. Ray was the fourth of six children and the second boy. Lafayette worked at different times as a reverend,  farmer, teacher, and government … Continue reading Re-Union

The Name Game

Family names as middle names has been a tradition in my family for at least three generations: both my parents have their mother's maiden names as middle names, my sister and I share middle names with our grandmothers, and my children's middle names reflect names from our family trees. While not unique to our family, … Continue reading The Name Game