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Creating a Map

Maps are a big part of my genealogy research. It's a great way to orient yourself to a location and there are lots of different types of maps. There are maps just for census and property records. For example, for 19th century Irish ancestors, this Griffiths Valuation site allows you to fade out the historical… Continue reading Creating a Map

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Where Have All the Bachelors Gone?

As I research the descendants of my ancestors, I sometimes come across uncles who never married. The reasons they didn't marry are sometimes clear and sometimes not, but one thing I have noticed, especially for those who lived in the 19th century, there is very little to be found about them. As I thought about… Continue reading Where Have All the Bachelors Gone?

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November is Next To Last

Mary and Martha Eve are two of my 4th great-grandmothers. They were sisters, daughters of Oswell Eve and Aphra Anne Pritchard, and Mary's son, Anderson, married Martha's daughter, Elizabeth. I'm writing about them this week because they both had vital events that happened in November. The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Next To Last… Continue reading November is Next To Last

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With the Speed of Electricity

The prompt for week 28 of 52 ancestors is Travel. I often think about how difficult travel must have been for some of my earliest known ancestors as they crossed continents, oceans and mountains. Each one was travelling for a different reason and each one traveled these long, difficult journeys because it was the only… Continue reading With the Speed of Electricity

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Biscuits, Molasses, and Bacon

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is "Misfortune." Friedreich Andrew Eigenmann was born 27 March 1846 inĀ Flehingen, Baden-WĆ¼rttemberg, Germany to Jacob and Joanna Eigenmann. He immigrated to New York City in 1881. By 1883, he was in St. Louis, Missouri and married to Augusta Roth, a daughter of German immigrants. Three of their 5… Continue reading Biscuits, Molasses, and Bacon

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Valentines for Two Sarahs

Do you ever wonder about how your ancestors got together? Was it love at first sight? Did a relationship develop over time? Did they marry for convenience or for money or for love? Who introduced them or where were they when they met? So many questions that are fun to ask, but may not get… Continue reading Valentines for Two Sarahs

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A Census Snippet: 1850 – Augusta, Georgia

John Bones Mary Bones James Brown John Brown Oswell B. Eve Hannah Longstreet This may seem like a mostly unrelated list of people, but I assure you, the connections are deep and sometimes require pen and paper to understand. This week's topic for #52ancestors is "In the Census." For this topic, I chose this snippet… Continue reading A Census Snippet: 1850 – Augusta, Georgia