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Walking in Randalstown

My husband and I took a trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland last year. We enjoyed lots of beautiful scenes of rolling green hills dotted with sheep, weather changing hourly, and dramatic coastal views. In between all these delights, we made our way though out-of-the-way villages and towns and to cemeteries and houses that are… Continue reading Walking in Randalstown

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A Rebel with a Cause(way)

Family legends go with family history like oreos go with milk. While often not provable, there can be nuggets of truth to many of our families' legends. James Bones was born about 1766 near Randalstown, County Antrim, Ireland, the first child of John and Elizabeth (Scott) Adams. James had four brothers and one sister. As… Continue reading A Rebel with a Cause(way)

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With Feelings of Undiminished Regret

I knew exactly where the headstone would be. We got out of our car at the gate, greeted by a blue Church of Ireland sign, and walked the gravel driveway to the churchyard. It seemed an unlikely place for a church, almost nothing around, except the modern house next to the road, perhaps belonging to… Continue reading With Feelings of Undiminished Regret

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Where Have All the Bachelors Gone?

As I research the descendants of my ancestors, I sometimes come across uncles who never married. The reasons they didn't marry are sometimes clear and sometimes not, but one thing I have noticed, especially for those who lived in the 19th century, there is very little to be found about them. As I thought about… Continue reading Where Have All the Bachelors Gone?

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Good Man, Kind Friend, and True Christian

As I research my ancestors and their families, I find myself sometimes wondering, if I knew the person in life, "what would I think of them? Would we like one another?" I like to think that for the most part we would, especially when I can pull together a pretty good picture of someone from… Continue reading Good Man, Kind Friend, and True Christian

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From Antrim to Augusta

Sources are essential to genealogical research. Typical sources include census records, birth and death records, marriage records, an so on. These sources provide various bits of information for the facts of an ancestor's life. Sometimes in a search, or through serendipity, a unique or unusual source will come to light. These might include journals and… Continue reading From Antrim to Augusta