The Daughter Of

The transcription from the diary entry said her parents were Johann Miller and Anna Barbara Muring. I was uncertain. The transcription could have errors, especially since the original writer used a slightly different alphabet and spoke a different language. I didn't know where the original diary was or if it still existed, I just had … Continue reading The Daughter Of

Luck of the Irish

I have been entrenched in Irish family history. My husband and I are visiting the Emerald Island this Spring and are carefully climbing every Irish branch of our family tree. My branches are concentrated in the north and in the south. The farmers, a rebel, and women of great courage came from two northern counties, Antrim and … Continue reading Luck of the Irish

Zehn Kinder

Eleanora Wissig was one of my 3rd great-grandmothers. She was born 22 July 1835 in the Duchy of Nassau (in modern-day Germany). She immigrated to the United States before 1856 and lived in St. Louis, Missouri, where there was a large German population. She married my 3rd great-grandfather, (John) Adam Roth, 22 November 1856. He … Continue reading Zehn Kinder