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Seashells and Sunshine

My grandma loved the beach. She could spend hours looking for seashells. According to my aunt, grandma was really good at finding whole shells of all sizes. She kept some of these in glass containers around her house. I also remember a seashell wreath as well as prints of beach dunes and the battery in… Continue reading Seashells and Sunshine

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Abbeville High Class of 1938

Bettye DuPre, my grandma, was born and raised in Abbeville, South Carolina. She graduated from Abbeville High School in 1938. The above pictures are of her graduating class and an individual portrait taken for the occasion. I love seeing the small size of the class all gathered at the front door of the school. I… Continue reading Abbeville High Class of 1938

52 Ancestors, Photos

A Beautiful Place

Sometimes the best surprises are right where you thought you already looked. For instance, I have looked through the boxes of family picture from my paternal family several times, but every time, I seem to find something new. Recently, this photo brought me a little surprise. When my dad was young, his family lived in… Continue reading A Beautiful Place

52 Ancestors, Family Stories

Long White Hair and All

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Frightening. This week, while looking for something else in some old college notes, I found two hand written pages with notes from stories of my paternal grandma and her family. The notes have stories that I've heard many times in my life. Others have been long forgotten, not even… Continue reading Long White Hair and All

52 Ancestors, Family Stories

Like a Chicken

Many of my ancestors were farmers. Some farmed crops for food and kept livestock, some grew cotton, others grew flax in order to make linen. One ancestor was the first horticulture professor at Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina (Clemson University today) and grew the food that the students ate, among other things. Another ancestor… Continue reading Like a Chicken

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Back to School

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Back to School. I have just sent my oldest to kindergarten. He's doing great, so far, but it has been an emotional week. This week I have a few things to share from our family collection related to school and learning. A Notebook My 4th great-grandfather, Silas Lanier,… Continue reading Back to School