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Seashells and Sunshine

My grandma loved the beach. She could spend hours looking for seashells. According to my aunt, grandma was really good at finding whole shells of all sizes. She kept some of these in glass containers around her house. I also remember a seashell wreath as well as prints of beach dunes and the battery in… Continue reading Seashells and Sunshine

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Cranberry Salad

Growing up, we spent most of our Christmases with my paternal Grandma, usually at her house in Clemson, South Carolina, but occasionally she'd come to visit us. Christmas at Grandma's house included extended family, gifts in colorful paper under the tree, heirloom ornaments, stockings handmade by Grandma, and yummy food. So many images and sensations… Continue reading Cranberry Salad

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Abbeville High Class of 1938

Bettye DuPre, my grandma, was born and raised in Abbeville, South Carolina. She graduated from Abbeville High School in 1938. The above pictures are of her graduating class and an individual portrait taken for the occasion. I love seeing the small size of the class all gathered at the front door of the school. I… Continue reading Abbeville High Class of 1938

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The Bridge to Somewhere Else

As a bachelor, my dad was stationed in Stuttgart and then Nuremberg, Germany, with the U.S. Army. While there, his mom and sister came for a visit. They traveled to several places including¬†Neuschwanstein Castle. The castle is built on a rugged hill above a village. There are scenic paths, bridges, and waterfalls around the castle.… Continue reading The Bridge to Somewhere Else

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The Embodiment of Love

Growing up, we would make semi-annual trips to visit my paternal grandma. As we grew up, our three-week summer vacations turned into long weekends and Christmases always had a slightly different grouping of relatives. But among the things that changed, a few stayed the same, including the way my dad and his mom, siblings, and… Continue reading The Embodiment of Love

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Grandma Wasn’t at Antietam

December marks the anniversary of the death of both my paternal grandparents: this week brought the 11th year since my grandmother's passing and next week brings the 34th year since my grandfather's passing. I don't have any memories of my grandfather, but I knew my grandmother pretty well and sometimes her absence pains my heart.… Continue reading Grandma Wasn’t at Antietam