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Back to School

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Back to School. I have just sent my oldest to kindergarten. He's doing great, so far, but it has been an emotional week. This week I have a few things to share from our family collection related to school and learning. A Notebook My 4th great-grandfather, Silas Lanier,… Continue reading Back to School

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Silas Owned Three Horses

This week's prompt for 52 Ancestors is Non-Population. While considering the topic for this week, I realized I wasn't very familiar with non-population census record. Trying to think of a different angle for the prompt, I thought about animals and all the dogs my grandmothers had. They both LOVED dogs. Some I knew, most I… Continue reading Silas Owned Three Horses

52 Ancestors, Artifacts

A Grandparent’s Record?

The topic for week 31 of 52 Ancestors is Oldest. In my grandmother's house there was a nook with a built-in bookcase. On the shelves were old books, old pictures and other knick-knacks. A few years before she passed away, she moved to assisted living. The things she didn't take with her there where distributed among… Continue reading A Grandparent’s Record?