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The Second Wife

When Julia Anne DeVore King was 15 years old, she married her Aunt Ellen's widower, Dr. William Edward Prescott, who was 35 years older than her. Julia became stepmother to her three cousins, Julia Annie and Wallace Thomas, who were older than her, and Eustace, who was 6 years old at the time. Julia and… Continue reading The Second Wife

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After Heart

Building on last week's post, The Edgefield Advertiser records many moments in the life of my Medlock-Carmichael ancestors. My search has, so far, been limited to Martha Carmichael and Henry Townes Medlock and mostly just for the span of Martha's life, 1889-1915. According to the articles over the years, Martha, known to many as Heart, was well-loved… Continue reading After Heart

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The Embodiment of Love

Growing up, we would make semi-annual trips to visit my paternal grandma. As we grew up, our three-week summer vacations turned into long weekends and Christmases always had a slightly different grouping of relatives. But among the things that changed, a few stayed the same, including the way my dad and his mom, siblings, and… Continue reading The Embodiment of Love

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She Was Born on My Birthday

My grandpa, Henry Hammond Medlock, died before I could really know him in life, but he has always seemed to be part of our lives. Growing up, we always had framed pictures around with him in them, something I have continued in my own home. In recent years, as my family has inherited family photos,… Continue reading She Was Born on My Birthday

52 Ancestors, Artifacts, Biography

A Life of Service

This week's prompt for 52 Ancestors is Military. Henry H. Medlock joined the Army Air Corps in 1940. He would go on to serve for 30 years in the Army Air Corps and the Air Force. His service follows many ancestors before him and set an example for his sons. Military service is devotion to… Continue reading A Life of Service