Three Henrys

Henry has always been a special name for me. I think it’s because I heard it so much growing up — it’s the name of my uncle (Henry Townes), my grandpa (Henry Hammond), and my great-grandpa (Henry Townes).

I recently found this 3-generation photo that features the three Henrys. It pictures my dad and his siblings, their dad, and their grandpa. I’ve only seen a handful of pictures of Henry T. and not many from his later life.


According to my dad (pictured in the middle), this photo was probably taken at Henry T.’s home in Greewood, South Carolina. It looks like it was a summertime visit (based on their clothes) in 1950 or 1951 (estimating the ages of the kids).

The photo holds a few other details that are interesting:

  • There are a couple photos on the mantle. One looks like it could be a school picture of my dad that we have in our photograph collection.
  • The tea/coffee server on the mantle above Henry T.’s head was painted by his first wife, Martha, who died after giving birth to their son, Henry H. My parents still have the server.
  • I love seeing my aunt and uncle’s curly hair. My dad also had curls when he was a baby/toddler. Curls have been passed on to me and my son (sadly only until his first haircut.)

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