November is Next To Last

November roadMary and Martha Eve are two of my 4th great-grandmothers. They were sisters, daughters of Oswell Eve and Aphra Anne Pritchard, and Mary’s son, Anderson, married Martha’s daughter, Elizabeth. I’m writing about them this week because they both had vital events that happened in November. The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Next To Last and November is the next to last month of the year.

Mary Elizabeth Eve was born 23 November 1788 in Charleston, South Carolina. She was the 4th child and 4th daughter in the family. She married John Carmichael 3 December 1807 in Augusta, Georgia. They would have 13 children. Her sister, Emmaline Eve Smith, recorded the following about Mary in her memoirs:

Sister Mary Eliza was the next daughter of the family. She was a fair beautiful woman in face and form. Her arms, neck and feet were particularly well-formed and she had a lively disposition which made her a great favorite with the gentlemen of her day. Among these was a very handsome widower with one daughter (Sarah). He was a merchant of great integrity and industry by name Mr. John Carmichael. He was an Irishman but had resided here from his youth. She married him and he took her to a comfortable home where they raised a large family. When he died, he had amassed fortune enough to leave them all well off….

Sister Mary was more like my mother than any of her sisters, keeping everything in perfect order and reigning a queen in her household.

Th[e] death of her oldest son Oswell Eve, who was a noble, cultivated young man of thirty-one years almost broke her heart, but his happy death drew all her family nearer to heaven. She died in the midst of her usefulness in 1855.

Mary died 31 August 1855 in Augusta, Georgia and was buried in the family cemetery next to her husband and son.

Her sister, Martha Henrietta Eve Longstreet was born 22 January 1792. She married Gilbert Longstreet 6 March 1816. They would have 11 children. Emmaline Eve Smith recorded this about her:

Martha Henrietta, the sixth daughter, was pale and delicate. She was a great wit, but always respectful of the feelings of others. She was also a great dancer, and a favorite in company, having a beautiful voice. She was married to a widower with one child, Mr. Gilbert Longstreet….

She was the first one married at “Frog Hall” and had a grand wedding. Father had just purchased a French cook and they tested her skill in every department. Everything was done to make an elegant repast that wealth and art could devise. The festivities were kept up for a week. Augustus Longstreet [Gilbert’s brother] was there with his wit and kept us merry.

Mr. L. was in good circumstances and was contractor for carrying the U. S. Mails. Sister Henny kept a beautiful home. She raised five children. When it became necessary for her husband’s interest she moved far into the country and was compelled for their good to be separated from her three eldest children as they remained at school in the city.

This was a severe trial and great was her joy when at their holidays she could have them with her. At these times she allowed them every enjoyment possible but at the same time led them to her Savior teaching them hymns and carrying them to prayer meetings in her neighborhood. She too was a victim of Consumption and came to Sister Adams at the Cottage to end her days. Her death was most triumphant. She sang and chanted out her joy at the last and all around her deathbed were amazed at her faith and hope.

Martha died 7 November 1833. Her five living children were adopted by her sisters after her death. She was also buried in the family cemetery.

Coincidentally, Mary and Martha’s children, Anderson and Elizabeth, married in the next to last month on 21 November 1844.

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