Long White Hair and All

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Frightening.

This week, while looking for something else in some old college notes, I found two hand written pages with notes from stories of my paternal grandma and her family. The notes have stories that I’ve heard many times in my life. Others have been long forgotten, not even known by my dad until today.


my grandma as a young girl wearing angel wings.

The first page is dated 6 March 01. I was about 19 years old and attending college. That year, my dad and I went to visit my grandma for a long weekend during part of my spring break. What I remember most from that trip is having the flu. I don’t remember talking to my grandma about herself or taking these notes. I wish I remembered more about these stories, especially of this one, which is timely with Halloween this week:

Her Grandmother DuPre was very devilish. One Halloween [grandma] recalls her [grandmother] scaring them with her long white hair and all.

What did her grandmother do that scared her? What made her so devilish? Was she often trying to scare people or was she mean? It would be interesting to know more about her and to see a picture of her. Perhaps there’s one lurking in our family photos.