Chasing a Pig

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Random Fact.

My mom tells me that her mom had a huge scar on her left knee below her kneecap. The scar was about an inch and half wide and an inch high. It was pink and wrinkly with scar tissue.

How she got the scar is an amusing story. As a girl, my grandma lived on a farm. She and her bothers and sisters had chores and jobs helping out, but they played as hard as they worked. She kept up with her brothers, climbing trees and swinging on ropes in the barn.

pigOne day, she let the pig out of the sty. Knowing that her dad would get upset, she tried to round up the pig. As she did so, she slipped and hit her knee on a rock splitting it open. The doctor came, stitched up her wound and gave instructions for her to rest and keep her knee straight while it healed. However, my grandma wouldn’t do it. She kept doing her regular activities and so the wound didn’t heal properly.

Bonus story: When my mom was a kid, they would go back to Alabama in the summers to visit her parent’s families. When visiting her mom’s sisters, the cousins would play outside and the sisters would sit in the kitchen in their bras, drinking cold cokes, trying to beat the heat.

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