My Brother is My Son-in-law

On 23 November 1788, Mary Elizabeth Eve was the fourth child born to Oswell Eve and Aphra Ann Pritchard. She joined three older sisters and would be followed by six more sisters and five brothers, including John Pritchard Eve, who was born 24 June 1800. He was the 11th child and the last one born in South Carolina.

Mary married John Carmichael 3 December 1807 at her father’s home near Augusta, Georgia. John was an Irishman who arrived in Augusta about 1788 at the age of 14. Before his marriage to Mary, he married Rachel Davis in 1804 in Augusta. John and Rachel had one daughter, Sarah Davis Carmichael, born 19 February 1805. Rachel died ten months later around Christmas at the age of 24.


                                                              From the Carmichael Family Bible

It’s not clear where Sarah lived after Mary and John were married. It is clear that Sarah interacted with her father, her stepmother, and her stepmother’s family because Sarah married her stepmother’s brother, John Pritchard Eve, 14 January 1823.

This union created a unique set of double relationships: Mary and her brother became stepmother-in-law and stepson-in-law and John and his daughter became brother and sister-in-law. They probably didn’t think about these double relationships much, but it’s one of my favorite things found while doing genealogy.

Source: Family Data, The Carmichael Family Bible, The Holy Bible, (publisher unknown). Record begun in 1805. In the possession of a descendant of John Carmichael.

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