GenealogyJEM is now Heart Genealogy

I’ve taken the plunge and purchased a domain. I decided to change the name of the site for a variety of reasons, but mostly want to honor someone very special to me.

Around the age of 16, my mom and I were going through a box of old photographs at my grandmother’s house. As we looked, we found pictures of my great-grandmother, including the one pictured here. My mom told me I looked like her. I had never seen (or noticed) a picture of her before then. At the time I didn’t think I looked like anyone in my family and she was so beautiful, I latched onto her and began my first steps into family history. 

Over the years my research (and perhaps obsession) has taken me all over branches of my family tree, but most often I find myself on the lines that leads back from her. It seemed fitting to name this site after the ancestor that started it all for me, Martha “Heart” Carmichael.

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