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Distant Cousins

"Talk to Pat," my dad said. I had been looking at the family of my ancestors, Oswell and Anne Moore Eve, and found some conflicting information about Oswell's religion. A granddaughter of Oswell and Anne claimed that Oswell was a Quaker and this was published far and wide. My research of Quaker documents told a… Continue reading Distant Cousins

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Of Traitors and Patriots

Creating connections with my ancestors as I research their lives is just one of the many reasons I love genealogy. As I find information and stories about them, I put together a picture of who they were. I wonder if we all got together in a group, how would that interaction go. But research usually… Continue reading Of Traitors and Patriots

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A Person of Another Persuasion

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Going to the Chapel. My 6th great-grandparents, Oswell Eve and Anne Moore, were married 274 years ago this week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Christ Church. Oswell, it's believed, was born in Surrey, England, 1 February 1721 to Oswell and Sarah Eve. He and his twin sister, Sarah, were the… Continue reading A Person of Another Persuasion

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Valentines for Two Sarahs

Do you ever wonder about how your ancestors got together? Was it love at first sight? Did a relationship develop over time? Did they marry for convenience or for money or for love? Who introduced them or where were they when they met? So many questions that are fun to ask, but may not get… Continue reading Valentines for Two Sarahs